Fabric Descriptions

Our most frequesntly asked question is, "Which fabric is the coolest to wear?". The fabrics our garments are tailored from are much different today than the robes you may have had 20 years ago made from acetate or rayon.  Virtually all our garments are made from 100% polyester of varying weaves which produce an amazing array of textures.  These fabrics breathe well, but the 'coolness' of a robe has more to do with air-flow.  Robes with open sleeves allow more air to circulate than cuffed robes.  If you see a robe you like shown only with cuffs, we can probably have the same style custom-made with an open sleeve for just a little more.  You will have your robe(s) for many years, so let's get it right.     



Damascene® Richly woven with an array of beloved Christian symbols, Damascene is an eloquent expression of faith. The first contemporary brocade fabric created for clergy wear, Damascene was designed to reflect the belief of the wearer in a meaningful way.

This beautiful 100% polyester brocade damask is available exclusively from Murphy. Available in 5 different color ways, dry cleaning is recommended due to trims.




Millenova® A magnificent brocade woven expressly for church use, Millenova was designed by us and is yours exclusively through Murphy. Rich with meaning, Millenova is also amazingly practical, combining well with other fabrics for choir robes and accessories.

Millenova also tailors exceptionally well into long lasting paraments for church use. Available in 12 distinctive colors and woven of the finest 100% polyester, Millenova is machine washable or dry cleanable, depending on color and trim combinations.




Peachskin Soft and supple, Peachskin flows with your movements and drapes beautifully. The rich, jewel tones of Peachskin display surface shadings similar to sandwashed silk, adding subtle visual texture and depth.

Available in 16 elegant colors, this finely woven 100% polyester microfiber faille has a softly brushed appearance, and is moderately wrinkle resistant. Try on a robe tailored in Peachskin, and you might never want to take it off!



Pebble Crepe  

Pebble Crepe Softly texturized Pebble Crepe offers an excellent value for choral attire and clergy apparel. Available in over thirty colors, this wrinkle resistant 100% polyester fabric features handsome draping qualities, and is machine washable or dry cleanable depending on color and trim combinations. Little or no ironing is required to keep it looking its best. Available in over 30 colors.



Tissue Faille  

Tissue Faille offers the ultimate in draping qualities and sumptuous texture. This top quality silky faille weave brings an elegant gracefulness to any robe. Surprisingly affordable and easily maintained,

Tissue Faille is woven of 100% polyester, is moderately wrinkle resistant, and is machine washable or dry cleanable, depending on color and trim combinations. Available in 20 different colors, our Tissue Faille is imitated elsewhere at a lower quality, but this quality is simply not available at a lower price.




Viva Viva means long life for your new choir, pulpit, academic or judicial robe. The distinctively durable Viva is woven of 100% polyester for easy care, and is treated to release stains and soil. This soil release quality means that whites stay whiter and colors stay brighter for years to come.

Offering great value, Viva is our selection for many of our choir robes. Machine washable or dry cleanable depending on color and trim combinations, and currently available in 23 colors.



Wonder Crepe  

Wonder Crepe Our most popular fabric, Wonder Crepe is an ideal selection for choral, pulpit, academic, and judicial attire. Woven of 100% texturized polyester, Wonder Crepe features a soil release finish to help keep whites whiter and colors brighter for years to come.

This superb fabric combines the finest draping and wearing qualities with easy care and maximum wrinkle resistance. Available in a stunning array of more than 30 colors, Wonder Crepe is the mainstay of our pulpit attire program, and is also available in any custom tailored choir or pulpit robe. Machine washable or dry cleanable, depending on color and trim combinations.



Woven Kente  

Woven Kente Woven Kente is distinguished by the use of strong patterns woven in traditional African colors. A unique fabric for choral accessories and trims, as well as entire robes, Woven Kente is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain due to the unstable political conditions in western Africa. Ask us about our current color and pattern availability.



Empress Satin  

Empress Satin Noted for its durability, Empress Satin is ideal for use in stoles and paraments. This heavy weight 100% polyester satin is available in 16 colors, and may be machine washed or may require dry cleaning, depending on color and trim combinations.

Single or similar color accessories are machine washable. Items tailored in contrasting colors, light and dark combinations, or accessories which feature corded piping, monograms, or specialty trims or fringes should be dry cleaned.



imperial Satin  

Imperial Satin This mid-weight polyester satin is noted for its soft sheen and range of colors. An outstanding choice for choral accessories, Imperial Satin may be be machine washed, or may require dry cleaning, depending on color and trim combinations.

Single or similar color accessories are machine washable. Items tailored in contrasting colors, light and dark combinations, or accessories which feature corded piping, monograms, or specialty trims or fringes should be dry cleaned.




Lamé Sparkling metallic Lam brings new excitement to choral ensembles. Murphy's Lamé combines maximum durability and iridescence unequalled by lighter tissue weight Lamés. Currently available in 4 colors and woven of polyester and lurex metallic with a satin backing. Dry clean.



Charis Cloth  

Charis Cloth Tone on tone stripes with subtle variations in width mark Charis Cloth as one of our more contemporary fabrics. Ideal for vestments and paraments, this 100% polyester resists wrinkling and offers excellent color stability. Machine washable or dry cleanable, depending on trim and embroidery combinations.



Clear Charis  

Clear Charis Tightly woven with crisp body, this 100% polyester tailors well into cassocks, chasubles, and pulpit stoles. Available in the standard liturgical colors, this subtle fabric offers durability and east of care. Machine washable or dry cleanable, depending on trim and embroidery combinations.



Eminence Brocade  

Eminence Brocade An unforgettable choice for pulpit robe trims, Eminence Brocade is also a smart accent for cassock ensembles. This genuine brocade is woven of rayon acetate in two colorways: Black/Red (Shown) and Black/White. Dry clean.



English Lawn  

English Lawn This lightweight blend of white dacron and cotton is combined with our imported Swiss Schiffli embroidery panels in our Surplice 729, and also tailors well into ultra light weight communion linens. Machine washable.




Linette Linette offers a linen look without the work. Its excellent draping qualities and superior body make this 100% polyester fabric suitable for vestments, cassocks and choir robes. Plain garments or other items tailored in Linette are machine washable. Items featuring trims or embroidery must be dry cleaned.



Lustra Cloth  

Lustra Cloth Produced by one of the finest mills in England, Lustra Cloth is a unique blend of polyester and wool with golden highlights woven throughout. Wrinkle-resistant and light enough to be comfortable in all climates, Lustra Cloth is ideal for vestments and paraments. Its superior draping qualities make any item tailored in Lustra Cloth satisfying to wear or use. Dry clean.



Normandy Brocade  

Normandy Brocade A gold metallic background adds luster to this classic brocade pattern which is woven with burgundy rayon detailing. This elegant fabric is featured on our Evangelist H-65, and is also suitable for vestment trims. Dry clean by a reputable cleaner.



Paisley Brocade  

Paisley Brocade Woven in England of polyester, viscose, and gold metallic threads, Paisley Brocade brings an elegant presence to ChurchWear. Selected for its wear qualities, Paisley Brocade is a fine choice for vest fronts, cassock or robe trims, and other accessory items. Dry cleaning is required.




Pavillion Our fabric of choice for pulpit stoles, paraments, and vestments. Pavillion is a durable, wrinkle resistant color-fast polyester faille which will provide years of use. Dry cleaning is required when combined with fringes and embroidery.




Poplin This sturdy polyester and cotton poplin is used in our white baptismal gowns and is treated with a water repellent finish, making it more opaque than many other baptismal fabrics. In other words... No Surprises!



Radiance Brocade  

Radiance Brocade Woven in a pattern that has withstood the test of time, this distinctive brocade pattern is woven with genuine gold metal fibers throughout. The unique weave, however, requires that garments tailored using this fabric be reserved for special occasion use.

Avoid snagging on rough pews or other objects, and protect between wearings with a soft, breathable cover. Use only the finest dry cleaners for garments trimmed in Radiance Brocade.



Renaissance Brocade  

Renaissance Brocade This unique damask brocade is available in several colors, and is woven in England of polyester, viscose, and gold metallic fibers. Highly recommended as a trim or accent fabric for pulpit robes and cassocks, it is also well suited to shoulder capes and band cinctures. Dry cleaning is required.



Scripture Cloth  

Scripture Cloth Scripture Cloth is a heavy weight damask blend of rayon and cotton which is woven in Europe solely for church use. The symbolic IHS is repeated throughout the fabric, and is legible from all directions of view. Hand washable.



Wellingham Damask  

Wellingham Damask This exquisite damask blend is created in one of the finest mills in Italy solely for church use. The dramatic gold metallic wheat design and parallel borders are woven directly into the fabric, creating a "one of a kind" look for chasubles, and is far more beautiful than shown on this web site. Polyester, acrylic, wool, and metallic. Dry clean.



Paulean Polyester  

Paulean Polyester This linen-textured 100% polyester fabric is an excellent choice for vestments and altar hangings. Available in red, white, purple, hunter green, emerald green, blue, black, ivory, white, and rose to coordinate with all of the church seasons. Machine washable or dry cleanable, depending on trim and embroidery combinations.




Velvet The Velvet that trims our pulpit robes and other clergy apparel was selected for its superior ability to resist wear and crushing. Treated for crush and stain resistance, this superior blend of 65% cotton and 35% rayon will enhance your pulpit attire for years.

Available in 15 colors and woven in the USA. Regal Purple Velvet is available in 100% rayon only. Dry clean.



Regency Brocade  

Regency Brocade This authentic brocade is woven with genuine gold metallic fibers on an ivory rayon background in an historic pattern richly embellished with religious symbols.

An outstanding choice for vestment and pulpit stole trims. Dry clean using only the finest establishment.




Coronation Said to have originated in medieval times, this multi-colored tapestry brocade is woven to the highest standards with non-tarnishable metallic gold yarns. Valued for its authenticity,

Coronation tapestry enhances our finest clergy wear and paraments. Dry clean.