Custom Tailoring

Order custom when you can't find the size you need

All the garments you see on are stocked in sizes based upon national averages for men and women. Unfortunately, not everyone can find a comfortable fit in the sizing selection. That's when you a custom made garment is the best choice.

Order custom when the color you want is not stocked

All the garments you see on are stocked in the color and fabric combinations as shown and described on the web site. If you have your heart set on a jacket in royal blue, but it is only stocked in black or white, then a custom made garment is the answer. Or how about the Judicial Officer who wanted to have a robe in pink so that every October she could show her endorsement of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Will I pay more?

Yes, you will. Our ready-made apparel shown on the web site provides our customers with the highest quality garment, but at a large quantity production price. When a single item is tailored just for you, from first-cut to finish, it is understandably more. How much more? Maybe not as much as you might think.

How to order custom Judicial, Rabbinical and Clergy apparel

We will be happy to provide a quote for any custom tailored garment. Click here to send an email requesting a quote. Let us know what style you see on and are interested in. We will respond promptly. You also may want to look at the ready-made online catalog (third item down on the online catalog page). The online catalog has all the same items in our Church Wear section, but may be a fun way to peruse our selection.
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How to order custom choral, choir stoles, tunics and overlays

For these items, the best place to start is by flipping through our online Custom Choral Catalog.  Our Custom Choral Pricing Guide is on the online catalog page as well. We do recommend letting us provide a quote for you on choral robes and accessories as it can be a challenge due to all the possible styles, fabric and options. We also have a limited number of printed Custom Choral catalogs (same as the online version) and Fabric Selectors available. The Fabric Selectors we only send when your organization is in the latter stage of selection and ordering due to the high cost to produce these selectors.> Go to the Online Catalog page

Is there a payment plan?

Sorry, but we do not have payment plans; we keep our costs down by not providing financing. We do accept checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

There is a 50% deposit due with the order and the balance is due when the order is ready to ship.

Rush orders?

Sorry, no rush orders, even with "pretty-please". Our manufacturing takes all orders and schedules them as they come in. They will not push another order ahead of yours and will not advance your order ahead of someone else. We have always appreciated this integrity, so please plan ahead.

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