Chimeres & Rochets

Chimeres & Rochets

How to put together a Bishop's Ensemble

An ensemble is comprised of layering different liturgical vestments.

1) Start your ensemble with a clergy cassock. The basic Cassock H-19 is shown in the ensemble pictured.

2) Add a rochet like the Anglican Rochet H-139 (pictured) or Ecumenical Rochet.  The Anglican Rochet has shirt-sleeve cuffs and the Ecumenical Rochet is trimmed with lace.

3) Include a Traditional Chimere in your choice of scarlet (H-127), purple (H-126) or black (H-189).

Last, add the black Tippet H-137 to complete the ensemble.

Optionally, you may add a pair of pleated cuffs to the Anglican Rochet in your choice of scarlet (H-140), purple (H-141) or black (H-200). The cuffs attach to the Anglican Rochet sleeves with a button (provided).

Since the Ecumenical Rochet H-138 has lace trimmed sleeves, you would not add pleated cuffs.

The Satin Brass or Stainless Steel Croziers are a distinctive addition.

Bishop's Ensemble